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September 28th 2019

  • The Mother of all Rallies is a yearly pro American event aimed at promoting & celebrating the American spirit. Every year we will rally in D.C. to send a message to the swamp that our constitutional rights are NOT negotiable & demand that they put WE the American people first. Corruption, foreign influence, illegal immigration, socialism, communism, political violence, FAKE NEWS Propaganda, Radicalized activist groups, internet censorship & the erosion on our history, traditions & values will no longer be tolerated *We do not consent* 

  • Each year we will have specific CALL TO ACTION topics that need to be addressed, a diverse line up of speakers & performers as well as pro American groups & organizations from around the country. This is our opportunity to have all of our voices heard. Will you answer the call & join us in D.C

2019 Call To Action Topics

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Become a $10 a month donor to the M.O.A.R. movement

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Would you like to have your organization, foundation or movement on display @ the M.O.A.R. event??

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You must bring your own tent, table and chairs. You can not accept cash donations or sell merchandise while at the event. This is for your group to raise awareness for you mission goals as well as aquire new supporters & volunteers for your movements.

Contact the M.O.A.R. team @

The A.P.U. is an umbrella movement for patriot groups around the country to come together under to unite and coordinate future events and movements. Every year we will all meet in person @The Mother of all Rallies in D.C.

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